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  • Podcast: The Blue Tarp Bills

    After disaster strikes, Texans start the process of rebuilding and getting back on their feet. But too often, insurers delay and underpay policyholders' valid claims. A policyholder can’t rebuild until they have full payment in hand. When insurers underpay Texans and add unnecessary delays, Texas communities are left in the lurch. This month, SB 10 and HB 1774, more aptly referred to as the Blue Tarp Bills, were filed.

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  • Episode 15- Insurance Lobbyists "Set The Table"

    On October 5th, the Texas Senate Business and Commerce Committee will meet to discuss a Texas Department of Insurance report on weather-related claims. But, some consumer advocates are concerned that the one-sided report could be used against Texas families and businesses. We talked to Texas Watch’s Executive Director Ware Wendell about his concerns on the biases within the report.

    You can tell the Senate committee to preserve policyholder protections here.

  • Episode 14- Policyholders Rights Aren't for Sale

    For years, the Texas Department of Insurance has rightfully stood by Texas consumers and rejected policies with dangerous binding arbitration clauses. But, a policy recently submitted to TDI would strip unaware consumers of their constitutional rights in exchange for a small discount. This month, we talked to Deeia Beck, executive director of the Office of Public Insurance Counsel, about the dangers lurking in the submitted policy.

  • Episode 13- The truth behind the numbers

    Insurance lobby groups are pointing to the number of consumer complaints filed with the Texas Department of Insurance as "evidence" that consumers are happy with their insurance companies. But, 75% of consumers filing complaints with TDI in 2015 were never counted. 

  • Episode 12- Have we done enough since West?

    Has Texas done enough to prevent another tragedy like the West Fertilizer Company explosion? According to a Chemical Safety Board report released last month, we haven't. This month, we talked to Chemical Safety Board investigators Johnnie Banks and Lucy Tyler, Texas State Fire Marshal Chris Connealy, and Texas Watch Deputy Director Ware Wendell about what this report means for the safety of Texans.

    Tell your lawmaker to pass meaningful chemical safety reforms here

  • Episode 11- Stealing the Roof Over Your Head

    Today on Texas Tells, families and businesses across North Texas are attempting to rebuild after the severe holiday storms. But, some roofers and builders are being less than honest. Today, we’ll talk to consumer watchdog and Dallas Morning News columnist Dave Lieber about the scams some roofers and builders are pulling across North Texas. 


  • Episode 10: Losing America in the Fine Print

    “I can’t believe this is America.” 

    “I have disappointed Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.” 

    A New York Times three-part series is bringing much needed attention to the dangers of forced arbitration. This month, we asked arbitration expert Paul Bland how Americans are losing their constitutional rights in the fine print of their most innocuous transactions.

  • Podcast Episode 9: Texas Mutual’s Special “Justice”

    State and local officials are evaluating the legality and appropriateness of a special deal with Travis County prosecutors and Texas Mutual, the state’s largest workers’ compensation insurer. But, this is not the insurers’ first attempt to tilt Justice’s scales. This month, we talked to Texas AFL-CIO Secretary- Treasurer Rick Levy about the issues plaguing Texas’ workers’ compensation system and how workers can fight in a system seemingly stacked against them.

  • Episode 8: Preparing for Hurricane Season

    After a year of record rainfall and flooding for the Lone Star State, Hurricane Season 2015 will reach its peak this month. Seven storms have already rocked the Atlantic, resulting in 51 casualties and almost 400 million in property damage. This month, we spoke to Executive Director Alex Winslow and Deputy Director Ware Wendell about preparing for hurricane season and how to rebuild after a disaster.

  • Episode Seven: End of the Good Ol’ Days Part 2/2

    Last week, Blue Bell announced the return of its products after a three month halt in production due to listeria contamination. While many Texans rejoiced on Twitter, not all consumers are rushing to get that familiar wooden spoon in hand.

  • Episode Six: The End of the Good Ol’ Days Part 1/2

    Episode Six: This month, we’re sifting through the end of the good ol’ days for Blue Bell Creameries. It all started with a Blue Bell country cookie sandwich, which tested positive for the bacteria listeria this February. Since then, the ice cream company has recalled all of its products, but not before infecting 10 customers with listeriosis and killing three. Now, FDA reports show that Blue Bell factories tested positive for the dangerous bacteria as far back as 2012 and has been making customers sick since 2010. We’ll talk to Dr.