Texas Watch

Safe Texas

This session Texans are calling on their legislators to ensure their personal and economic safety. By advocating for a Safe Texas agenda, you can protect your constituency's families and help their small business thrive.  

On the road, Texans are looking for insurance that actually insures and to decrease distracted driving. More than a million drivers currently pay for  junk “named driver” auto policies, which fail to provide meaningful protection for either the policyholder or others on the road.

Texans are also at risk from distracted drivers. Distracted driving resulted in more than 500 deaths on Texas roadways in 2013 and caused 1800 serious injuries. Banning texting while driving would save Texan's lives and make our roads more secure.

Furthermore, the disaster in West illustrates the need for meaningful chemical safety reforms in order to protect our citizens. You could prevent another horrific catastrophe in our state by adopting simple safety measure like those outlined by the State Fire Marshal and requiring facilities to carry basic liability insurance.

Voters are also concerned about the negligent care of the elderly in nursing homes. A few simple steps could prevent future harm to our state's elderly such as adopting a "three-strikes” rule for nursing homes that are found to repeatedly harm its residents.  Additionally, the legal rights of nursing home residents should be restored and facilities should be required to carry meaningful liability coverage. 

Finally, the newly formed ride-share services are a great asset to consumers. However, when these services are uninsured they can be a danger to its drivers, passengers, and other motorists. In order to protect passengers and help new industry thrive, you should advocate to require these services to obtain meaningful commercial liability insurance.