Texas Watch

Chemical Safety

West, Texas, 2013—a fertilizer plant explodes, injuring over 260 and killing 15, most of whom were first responders on the site. The blast was among the most destructive ever investigated by the U.S. Chemical Safety Board. 

Three years later, only a few attempts have been made to prevent another explosion. Attempts that a report released by the Chemical Safety Board last month called "inadequete." 

Due to a lack of meaningul reforms, the CSB found that 19 other plants in Texas, all of which are within a half-mile of a school, hospital, or nursing home, are at risk of facing a similar tragedy. The West disaster and the pain caused in the aftermath could have been prevented. By requiring facilities to carry basic liability insurance, companies are given market-based incentives to mitigate risk and communities are better protected from disaster. 

Tell your legislator to protect Texans from future harm by requiring facility owners to carry basic liability insurance.